The consultation project to create jobs for youth between the Ministry of Labor and the State Governments of Somalia have been held in Mogadishu

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The consultation project to create jobs for youth between the Ministry of Labor and the State Governments of Somalia have been held in Mogadishu

Consultative meeting on the project to create jobs and adolescents attended by officials from the federal and state governments in Somalia

The director of the planning department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Salad Abdulle Hussein has proposed the setting information about the meeting he said, “because youth unemployment is a major obstacle which could reasonably youth routes or join groups by refusing that I created a program for the job creation of the youth employment of  Somalia under the program of  (PSG4), is made up of 3 sections and its  the important production and the development of skills and the job creation (work for cash) to passed conduct of some youth is to create jobs”also the director has gone through  as historical process of the a job creation program,

Abdirahman Hussein Adam, the UNDP said the project job creation in cooperation with many organizations including the ILO, FAO, UNDP and UN HABITS and the federal government in Somalia and other countries donated fun including Norway and Sweden as well He said that 50 million were donated to the project jobs creation if we have to adopt this kind of funding is available to provide more project conducted in 8 districts of the states.


Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Mr. Abdiwali Ibrahim Sheikh Mudey has officially opened the conference, he said, “We are very grateful to all the ministers and officials of state attended the conference which is the public interest and the interest of the people of Somalia and we are happy to travel long you’ve said interest people and Allah’s will you welcome any suggestions and comments you turn to us and we will open the conference”


Ministers and officials from the state spoke about local and how the project was implemented, Minister of puntland state Abdirahman Sheikh Ahmed pointed out that the project is very proud and to see that the youth are the largest society’s problems is long and another conflict inherited.

Minister of Labor and Social Affairs State southwest Jeylani Mohamed said the project has been carried out on the road to Baidoa He said at the time he was sick but worked with institutions carried out the project and the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs is also not recommended Minister suggested the ministry to submit a clear plan out of the project and cost to the project led by the Ministry of Youth and teach manual skills and techniques can also work as a fishing and farming.

Abdullahi Mohamed Adam, the Minister of labor and Social Affairs of the State of Galmudug also spoke in the conference said, “The project has been undertaken in the district of AbudWak which was 45 days and see who took the job there are between us and our agency to correct the program, I would like to continue such programs and the people who are doing these projects to sit before us and convince us to know the program and place will be implemented.


Aden Osman Qaloshe from Jubbaland also said “I do not have more concepts about the project and many youth have entered the environment through the refugee camp and need something to do if they do not get job creation, it is possible to join terrorist groups and I ask to give us more information about the program as a resource for youth.

Vice-Chairman of  Banadir Region Mr. Ismail Abdi Moalim has been stated the accomplished of the governance and the mayor of  Baledweyne in Hiran region Omar Aden Ibrahim  showed the meeting attendances photographs to translate what has been done in Baledwayne and able to build a wall of water out of anger of rivers and highway connects Ugas Khalif Airport and the downtown,

Cabdirisaaq Omar Bood from the Middle Shabelle region, he said, “on behalf of the Middle Shabelle region program to create jobs for youth is important to us as region lives many youth I have great hope that this conference we held the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs for I score out of fruit and youth to become job creation”

After a short break after a series of back event where exchange tips and questions and making technical committee, after a long discussion it was agreed that reviewing each project implementation and to make technical committee and between the state and the Ministry of Labor and social affairs committee that technique is governed by the Ministry of Labor and social affairs of the state is part of the 8 ministries and the Ministry of education and the Ministry of commerce and Ministry of agriculture and Ministry of livestock and the Ministry of fisheries and the Ministry of youth and sports and the Ministry of public Works and  will lead the Ministry of social affairs and employment as his next meeting is scheduled to be re-united back 15/09/2016

Currently Minister of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Mr. Abdiwali   Ibrahim Sheikh Muddey has closed the conference and said “we have submitted that 450 people have been employed, but still not reached during the operation and the cost of the work was also stated that the Technical committee of the  states will pay their salaries by the  organizations and he also charged with the responsibility to give to anyone to perform his duties honestly and in the best interests of the people responsible for and  the conference is closed.

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