Mission report of Kismayo Gravel Roads of 2016 YEP Projects (Cash for work )

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 Mission report of Kismayo Gravel Roads of 2016 YEP Projects  (Cash for work )

The purpose of the mission was to interact and share the concepts of Youth Employment under PSG4 of the Somalia new deal with Local Administration and community and to discuss on possible area of project prioritization.

We have explained the important of Cash for Work and how the local community can benefits from the project, Cash-for-Work is a short-term employment creation for local labour and it also provides temporary opportunities for large segments of the affected youth and vulnerable groups within the community.

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The minister of Social Affairs of Jubbaland Hon. Mohamed Mohamud Ibrahim welcomed the team from Mogadishu, MOSLA and ILO to Jubbaland and thanked their mission to Jubbaland. Jointly the minister and the D.C of Kismayo District have applauded the new project, and before finalizing on the possible area of prioritization, they have asked more time to consult with community in order to select a productive Project.

After consulting with Local Community and realizing the important of the programme and project modality, the Minister of Social Affairs and D.C of Kismayu Districtpresented their prioritized project and selected 3000 meter (3 Km) of gravel Road as their cash for work project in four important areas, Farjano Gravel Road, Aymiska Gravel Road, Wamo Stadium Gravel Road and Hared Yarow Gravel Road.

Together with Local authority we have engaged a comprehensive survey and confirmed the sites they have intended to rehabilitate.

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 Road rehabilitation is very important for Kismayo District, it makes the city to grow and enhance poverty reduction by improving access between village and business centers. Farjano Gravel Road is the area that the Jubbaland Authority identified to be their first priority in the pilot project of YEP 2016, and its multiple function of providing access to social, health, and Transport and education services.

 The Main challenges of local community are:

  • Difficulties of Transport movement and donkey cart
  • Accumulative of soil that block the road
  • Various road sections become impassable
  • Increased number of road accidents and traffic jams

However,at the end of this project it will open up more areas and stimulating economic and social development, easing the movement of transport, creating conducive business environment and accessibility, minimizing number of road accidents and traffic jams.

Meanwhile, Engineer Isse have conducted feasibility study of the project,Tender Documents, BOQ, Design and jointly we have developed Expression of Interest (EOI) bearing signatures of Hon. Osman Libah Ibrahim the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs (MOLSA) FGS and Hon. Mohamed Mohamud Ibrahim  the Minister of Social Affairs, Jubbaland.

Finally, we have handed over 30 books of Bid Documents to the Local Authority and agreed to keep the documents at the Procurement Office of District commissioner and advertise the project on local Radio for five days. The bid opens on 10:00 AM on 6th April 2016, and closes at 12:00 PM on 19th April 2016.

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 27/03/2016.Handing over the Bid Documents to (right) DC of kismayo District Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Yusuf (Tima Jilic), and the Minister of MSA Jubbaland Hon. Mohamed Mohamud Ibrahamin.

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After the meeting we have managed to visit office of the D.C and confirmed the procurement office and one box with two padlocks. We have discussed the role of Kismaaayo District and how the Local Construction Companies Operates. At the end points we have agreed that Eng Issi should organize one or two day’s orientation for bidders before bid closing.


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