Mission of Baladweyne Gravel Roads of 2016 YES Projects

Abdirashiid Heydara August 13, 2016 Comments Off
 Mission of Baladweyne Gravel Roads of 2016 YES Projects

The purpose of the mission was to consult with Local community and explain project prioritization of short-term labor-intensive employment creation through public works to rehabilitate/construct productive infrastructure.

 The team (MOLSA & ILO) explained the important of the Project (Cash for Work) and how the local community can benefits from it, The cash-for-work program is designed to reflect the priority needs of the communities themselves and to complement job creation provide the essential economic platform that supports the community’s prosperity and a full range of services linked to its socioeconomic well-being. For project prioritization we recommended gravel road, because it generates more jobs and opportunity for unskilled youth

 The Governor of Hiran Region, Mr.Yusuf Ahmed Hagar welcomed the team from Mogadishu, and thanked their mission to Baladweyne and expressed satisfaction on new project.

After consulting with Local Community and realizing the needs of road rehabilitation and project modality, the Governor of Hiran Region, Mr.Yusuf Ahmed Hagar,Mayor of Baladweyn District,Mr. Omar Adan Ibrahim(Badiyow) and DC of Baladweyn District, Mr. Mohamed Osman Abdi(Qalafow) announced their prioritized project and selected 3000 meter (3 Km) as their Baladweyne Gravel Road YES 2016.

Together with the Mayor we carried out a survey in three areas Suqa Xolaha Road, Irida Amin Road and Helyo Kalyo Road. Considering the Transport movement and request of local community we have agreed Suqa Xolaha Road 1,200 meters and Irida Amin Road 1,800 meters to be Baladweyne Gravel Road YES 2016.

Road rehabilitation is very important for Baladweyne District, it makes the city to grow and enhance poverty reduction by improving access between village and business centers, access to social, health, and Transport and education services.

The Main challenges of local community are:

  • Difficulties of Transport movement
  •  Poor road
  • Various road become impassable because of security road block
  • Increased number of road accidents and traffic jams

Finally, at the end of this project it will open up more areas and stimulating economic and social development, easing the movement of transport, creating conducive business environment and accessibility, minimizing number of road accidents and traffic jams.

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