Minister of Labor and Social Affairs visited a training programmer center for youth Employment Somalia

Abdirashiid Heydara October 29, 2016 Comments Off
Minister of Labor and Social Affairs visited a training programmer center for youth Employment Somalia

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ibrahim Mudey visited a training center providing internal career, the controled by Banadir regional administration.

 Banadir regional Administration and UN-HABITAT are partnership with the Somali youth employment have the chance to benefit from a 6 selected from 30 districts from 180 young people in Somalia, which has a priority project by the youth employment and take advantage of different skills and technical training.

Young people are very happy multi-skills learned there to say, and her very happy Youth employment in the project. minister of labor and social affairs visited today the training of firefighters compound with director of planning and project employment Salad Hussain Abdulla, director of training Ismacil Moalim Abdullahi, director of public relations and communication Abdirashid Abdullahi Haider, and the Advisors Department Salad Hassan Dahir and Hasan Gutaale.

Minister of the Ministry has been welcomed eagerly by youth, firefighters studied in control of building materials such as sand and youth within the classes were taken lessons diverse and based on the value of the work, enthusiasm, teachers were explained Minister of behavior and understanding of the value of the gift of knowing you work twice.

deputy chairman of Banadir region said, ” Mr. Minister is our pleasure for your visit one of the projects in your hand Banadir region which is under the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs: We benefit for the Somali youth the employment program, this workshop will continue within 3 months and supported us by UNHABITAT and youth employment Somalia (YES)

Finally the minister told to the media and called Somali business and immigrants agencies to employ youth of a variety skills of information about the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Minister’s controversial initiative to doctors in training a dog show and a youth project in conjunction with their professional employment. The Minister urged the agencies to abide by the rules of a particular job or employment activity to which they provide citizens in self-employment yes-banaadir-kormeer-1 yes-banaadir-kormeer-0 yes-banaadir-kormeer-18 yes-banaadir-kormeer-17 yes-banaadir-kormeer-16 yes-banaadir-kormeer-15 yes-banaadir-kormeer-14 yes-banaadir-kormeer-13 yes-banaadir-kormeer-12 yes-banaadir-kormeer-11 yes-banaadir-kormeer-10 yes-banaadir-kormeer-9 yes-banaadir-kormeer-8 yes-banaadir-kormeer-7 yes-banaadir-kormeer-6 yes-banaadir-kormeer-5 yes-banaadir-kormeer-4 yes-banaadir-kormeer-3 yes-banaadir-kormeer-2

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