Executive Committee Somali public workers union meets in Mogadishu.

Abdirashiid Heydara February 1, 2017 Comments Off
   Executive Committee Somali public workers union meets in Mogadishu.

During the meeting, which was attended by members of the executive committee of civil servants and also was speaking to promote public relations activities Printing of government employees.

The committee consists of departmental staff director of government agencies committee and discussed relations of government employees have issued a statement consists of four articles, including: -
1. As awareness for government employees do
2. To complete the appointment of members of the Association
3. To collect the contact rules
4. As would be equipped with liaison offices.
Abdirisak Mo’alim Elmi Chairman of Somali public workers union who spoke on the occasion described the public relations staff has had no government solutions firm, but now is not the original, where good things are going.
Noor Ahmed Dirie’s vice president of public workers union the government employees involved in the game He noted that the relations of government employees has significantly greater employee.
Mohamed Iman-Fayle staff director of the Ministry of Ports and Aviation the Meeting He said that the organization is required to already be rebuilt but now it is a joy to the lawless Somali government workers.
In his concluding remarks last month of January, it was a sign from the office of the Ministry of lobar and Social Affairs especially office of the permanent secretary recognized the interim government’s public workers union.

This means a new beginning and to boost past dictates Somali public workers union.



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