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The meeting hosted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has discussed about the Youth Employment program , which will be of great meaning to the youth  as in the National Youth unemployment is widespread

Detailed Information about the project is addressed by the Director of the Planning Department Mr. salad ,and  makes detailed sessions of the preceding disclosure came running discussed such a project as it happened and the next event will be followed by the convention on 15 September 2016 , by reference to information, then he recommended the participants at the meeting and he said:: ” I have recommended to reduce the changing many members we signed to such tasks and it has become a benefit to our donors because every new member comes with new plan and its very confusing, we must remain vigilant to make those services to be completed”

Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Minister Ibrahim mudey was the Chairperson of the Forum opened the meeting and welcomed the Ministers counterpart who were attended the meeting including the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Mohamed Omar Eymoow, the Minister of Agriculture Ahmed Hassan Gabobe ( Ugas Bile ) and representatives of the ministries of Trade and Industry , the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Ministry of Livestock.

Minister Abdiwali Ibrahim mudey has also addressed many important issues of the roasting ministerial meetings such are useful for the society which always flexible to their attendance and it brings to fall behind the activities discussed in the even He also noted that donors always says that they pay the amount of money to the government projects and that are not clear to us, The minister said that his aims is that every projects is found to employ a number of youth and the ministries oversight the Agencies in order to clear out the projects and progress.

After the ministers left the meeting the remaining workers in the meeting of the ministries also presented their projects creativits and they all say some of the agencies working on projects that donot do the projects probably, and some projects arenot used correctly.

Representative from the Ministry of Agriculture has presented their projects creativity of the ministry and he said : “We are doing three projects of job creation to benefit for the Youth and it includes Co- operative project of two years and worked for 500 farmers who received $ 5 per day and it was a great opportunity to the youth farmers, The project is sponsored by the FAO and has worked in the districts of Afgoi and Aw – Dheegle .

There is also a project started recently and quality seed its deadline is 3 years , there will be a test then will be distributed to farmers to produce quality seed . “

Ministry of Youth and Sports has presented various projects by and for young people and suggested that training to enhance for youth to improve their knowledge and skills and rehabilitation for all sports centers.

The Ministry of Trade and industries  has reported that  some projects  are needed to reduce poverty and unemployment and activate the industrial sector in order to obtain creativity.


Finally The ministries agreed to oversight the agancies  to identify projects that are going to benefit the creativity of young men and on Sunday is scheduled will be conclude and will be appointed the technical committee that will encourage the projects of creativng jobs  for  the young people .


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