African Labour Ministers Meet in Zambia

Abdirashiid Heydara February 19, 2016 Comments Off
African Labour Ministers Meet in Zambia

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in the international meeting in Zambia attended.

The meeting discussed decent work and the support of the international chain of jobs African Somali government has invited the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Labour in Zambia to attend the regular session of the 42 autonomous work in Africa (ARLAC).


Somalia represented the Director General of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Mr. Mohamed Adde Mukhtar.

The summary of the phone calls to come to the DG to public relations office of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs said in this;

The conference on employment and better coordinate the easiest jobs in Africa, which was session 42 ARLAC held in Zambia,
We have attended many of the African countries in English language speakers, and the President of Zambia opened the meeting.
Director General Mr.Adde tell that for the duration of 3 days and a number of issues expected to be discussed meeting.
stated that political leaders ARLAC said cooperation of member states and political structure of the global supply and decent work would be tackled.
“ARLAC set up with a mandate to promote decent work in a member state. The concept of decent work is the four pillars of decent work are 1. Labor rights society 3.decent Work 4. speaking community,” he said.
The organization was founded in 1974 and is supported by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
Somalia is the first time participate in this meeting of the African regional Labour administration (ARLAC).


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